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Top 4 Tips To Pass Aptitude Tests Easily

Aptitude Tests has always been a crucial part of the recruitment and screening process undertaken by various institutions at large. No matter in which profession you wish to get into, appearing for the entrance tests is a must. And, guess what? Entrance tests can’t do away with aptitude tests. It can be said with great certainty that you would have to come across verbal reasoning, logical reasoning, situational judgment, and various other related aspects in your paper.

Do you know what is the most critical part of the aptitude tests? Rigorous practice and strategic planning! These are essential in delivering killer results in the exams. Just practicing the section of tricky maths puzzles with answers is not going to help. This is because aptitude tests come in diverse forms. Before we move ahead with the tips that can aid you in excelling at aptitude tests in various entrance exams, let’s first look at the types of these tests.

Types Of Aptitude Tests

  • Verbal Reasoning: Here, you will be provided with a passage and your job will be to analyse the written matter to come up with witty decisions and tactical conclusions that will show how good critical thinking powers you have.
  • Numerical Reasoning: It is basically a psychometric test that examines the candidates’ skills as to how they deal with numbers, perform numerical operations, and come up with great results for the organization into which they are going to be admitted.
  • Inductive Reasoning: This form of aptitude test is also known as cause and effect reasoning. This forms a major component of the question paper of the students appearing for various competitive and entrance exams.
  • Diagrammatic Reasoning: Basically, the chief purpose of this test is to demonstrate the reasoning ability of the students and analyse how they can come up with interpretations of the abstract data that has been provided to them in the question.
  • Spatial Reasoning: This form of assessment is used to interpret the candidate’s ability to analyse and decode shapes to come up with an apt answer. Analysing the shapes and understanding the possible patterns is necessary to find out the answer. In the process, the logical powers of the students also get tested appropriately.

Tips To Ace Your Aptitude Tests

Tip #1: Keep Practicing!

Practising vigorously is the key! Make sure you make it a point to solve online aptitude tests quite several times so that you build the confidence in yourself to solve the questions in the main exam. Analyse and see how well you can solve the questions and check the depth to which you are becoming efficient at applying your logical powers to come up with a solution to the exam. The more you practice, the faster will be your pace at solving the problems.

Tip #2: Be Mindful Of The Questions You Are About To Face In The Exam

Always stay well-informed of the type of questions you would have to face in the exam. This is because an aptitude test poses a myriad of questions. Analyse and see what the exam demands- whether it is numerical or verbal reasoning, critical thinking, situational judgement, etc., and make preparations accordingly.

Tip #3: Identify Your Areas Of Weakness

By rigorous practice, you can understand your areas of weakness. In that way, you can take action towards understanding the types of questions you usually stumble at. Once you turn your weakness into strength, nothing can stop you from acing the aptitude test.

Tip #4: Pay Heed To The Basic Concepts

The key to scoring the highest in aptitude tests is to pay proper attention to the basic concepts. Now, what are these? Well, these include HCF & LCM, Profit & Loss, Probability, Data Interpretation, Number System, etc. Strengthen your basics and you are sure to do well even if the question paper comes out as way too complex.


An aptitude test can be tricky at times, but don’t worry…you can solve it correctly if you practise things well beforehand. Take help of success quotes for students and keep yourself motivated throughout the preparatory period. You can do it! Practice hard & score well! Good luck!

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