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What is USB?

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. Even if you are a layman, you must have heard the term USB related to computer or laptop matters. Unfortunately, most do not understand the function and definition of USB itself.

The health of the USB port needs to be taken care of. USB is a technology for connecting other hardware to be connected so that a computer or PC can use it. For example, Flash Disk, scanner, printer, keyboard and mouse.

With USB, users can transfer data at speeds up to 12 Mbps. Usually, a PC or computer is equipped with two or more USB ports, depending on the motherboard used. To Write for Us, you can email us at

Advantages of USB

Compared to others, USB technology has more advantages:

The computer will be like a host when connected to an external device.

Do you know what USB is? Hub, a device that can make PCs connect with other devices via cables. While Plug and Play is a term for a device that can used without having to set when purchased.

How USB Works

Generally USB devices have two ends which usually connected by a cable. On the inside of the cable there are 4 more branched wires, each of which is red, brown, yellow and blue.

These colorful cables have their respective functions. The red and brown wires carry power while the blue and yellow wires are responsible for transmitting data. Thank you and I hope this article is useful.

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