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VHS Player Write for Us

On this page there is more information about VHS. It is known as “Video home system” and an analog recording format developed by JVC in 1976. The system uses half-inch wide magnetic tape and can record up to six hours of video content with 240 lines of horizontal and 486 lines of vertical resolution, as well as a stereo soundtrack. The format design to be cheap, easy to use, and well-matched with wide range of video camera and cassette player, and by 1990s, it was dominant video standard in global market.

It appears all S-VHS players carry both composite and S-Video connector. The S-Video connection allow complete resolution of the much higher definition SVHS signal. It seems most or all countless VHS player produce – of wildly varying features and quality – carry only composite (yellow connector) video output. If adding the S-Video facility would have somewhat improve VHS reproduction, that they didn’t add it seems strange.

First Movie on VHS

The first VHS movie was South Korean film called The Young Teacher. The Young Teacher filmed in the 1970s, released in 1972, and available for VHS purchase and home consumption in 1976 –  first VCRs were released.

How to Convert VHS to Digital

  • Connect video capture device
  • Connect VCR.
  • Insert VHS cassette.
  • Install Movavi VHS converter.
  • Set VHS capturing preference.
  • Start VHS conversion.
  • Edit, share, and store videos.

When did VHS Stop?

In 2003, VHS began to die off market, overcome by DVD sales and online rental. What was once an open-minded icon became tech dinosaur lot of many invention. The final movie produce in VHS format was “A History in Violence,” which debuted in 2006.

The best thing about VHS tape was ease with which user could access their video. Even for those not technologically inclined, VHS and VCR were relatively easy to operate, even if their inner working were nothing short of marvel.

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