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What Are The Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents?

When you have a motorcycle, you must be thrilled with the speed and adventure it comes with. But did you know that motorcycles are more prone to accidents than cars? The lack of safety can cause a joyful ride to a catastrophic accident if you are not careful. Often being careful is not enough, as there are several other factors that are responsible for motorcycle accidents. Here are some common causes of motorcycle accidents according to a Jersey City motorcycle accident lawyer.

Bad Weather Conditions

When it comes to driving in bad weather, motorcycles are the worst option you should choose. The wheel of the motorcycle is too prone to a skit on slippery roads. The grip on the road is not strong enough. Moreover, the structure of the motorbike is not safe enough to hold you from falling on the streets.

Thus, any kind of extreme weather condition or even a light drizzle might cause you to fall on the streets and get severely injured.

Bad Road Conditions

Often you might find a pothole or a broken road while you are driving. While it is just a minor jerk for cars, it can kill a motorcyclist. Speeding motorbikes are not able to handle a little jerk and they topple hurting the rider.

It is very crucial for a rider to wear proper motorcycle gear while they are riding a bike. Helmets, gloves, hand and foot guard, and motorcyclist jackets are a must for people who enjoy riding.

Not Paying Enough Attention

Attention and being conscious of your surroundings when you are riding a motorcycle is a must. As soon as you will take your eyes off the road, sooner you will land in a compromised situation. And the chances of hurting yourself severely are much higher when you are riding a motorcycle.

Riding Under Influence

It is a crime to drive when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. There are several car accident cases that are caused due to impaired driving after drinking. While car accidents can still be minor, you will surely lose your life or be fatally injured if you are drunk and riding a motorbike. It is one of the most common factors in motorcycle accidents.


These are the causes that will cause a fatal motorcycle accident. Be extremely careful if you are driving a motorcycle and ensure to put on all the safety gears before you hit the road.

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