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Wireless Network Write For Us

Wireless Network Write For Us

What Is Wireless Network?

Wireless network is a technology that can connect two or more devices to communicate without having to use cables in data transmission.
That is, by using a wireless network we can connect to each other even though it is far from the router.
Wireless networks use electromagnetic waves such as micro, radio, and infrared for the process of sending data between devices.
In addition, the distance that can be reached using a wireless network also varies, some are only in close range, and some are long distance.
If you don’t know, maybe you actually have something that already has wireless network technology, namely a smartphone, which supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth too.
When compared to a wired network such as a computer that has to use a cable when you want to connect to the internet, of course it will be more efficient to use a wireless network.
Indeed, previously wired networks were claimed to be faster and safer, but along with the development of this wireless technology, namely WiFi 6, this gap has been reduced.

Types of Wireless Networks

Within its range, wireless networks have four types of them as follows:


Wireless Local Area Network allows connecting two or more devices to exchange data and information.
WLAN provides a connection through an access point for a wider internet network.
Usually WLAN used in places with small areas, such as offices, schools, airports, libraries and so on.


Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks can connect to each other at several points in a metropolitan area.
An example is office building A with office building B, or it could be that this network can reach one city at a time.


Wireless Wide Area Network can used by users remotely connected to private or public networks.
Its coverage is very wide up to one country, because it uses a satellite system.
Examples are 2G, 3G, and so on.


While the Wireless Personal Area Network is a wireless network whose coverage is the smallest because it is sudden.
The distance that can reached with WPAN is ten meters.
An example of a WPAN network is bluetooth embedd in smartphones, laptops, tablets, and others.

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