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Internet Data Cable Write for Us

Internet Data Cable Write for Us

Data Cabling connects multiple devices, e.g., PCs, printers, CCTV cameras, and server within an IT network.  There are essentially two types of data cable, copper and fibre; within these two types of line, there are different grade, resulting in other values.

Buying Ethernet Cable for Network

If you buy an Ethernet cable for first time, focus on these four features and make a good decision. Other factors are worth given in specific condition, so if in doubt, read on.

1.  Speed

A cable’s speed refers to how much data it can transmit per second. 100 Mbps means the line can transfer 100 million bits of data a second. In commercial network, speed is usually dictated by the equipment connecting (for example, a network switch with a Gigabit Ethernet port). In the home, choose a cable that can support speed of Internet connection, plus some room for speed upgrades in future. A cable’s Category designation (e.g., Cat5e, Cat6, etc.) is easy way to identify the speed of a line. See Table 1: Category Cable Summary for more information.

2.  Shielding

Some Ethernet cables are shielded to protect cable’s conductor from electromagnetic interference (EMI) caused by power lines, large machinery, and fluorescent lighting. Shielding also prevents parallel conductors inside cable jackets from interacting with one another. See Ethernet Cable Shielding for more information.

3.   Cable Length

The maximum length of Ethernet cable is 295 feet (90 meters). Good quality cables with shielding and thicker conductor reach further. Some trial and error will required. Remember that cable run are rarely straight, so plan on extra line for twist and turn. See Ethernet Cable Length for more information.

4.  Installation Location

Cable jackets are rated for fire safety. If you plan on running cable through the wall or between floors, choose rise-rated (CMR) or plenum-rated (CMP) cable. See Jacket Rating for more information.

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