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Microscope Write for Us

Microscopes are instruments used in science laboratory to imagine every minute object, such as cells and also microorganisms, giving contrasting image that is magnified. Microscopes are made up of lense for magnification, each with its magnification powers. So, depending on the lens type, it will stretch the specimen according to its focal strength A microscope is a tool that produces enlarged images of small objects, allowing the observer to have an exceedingly close view of minute structures in a slide. Their ability to function is because they have been constructed with unique components that enable them to achieve high magnification levels.

What are the Different Microscope Types?

There are several different types of microscopes, each of which solves unique problem. Below, you will find information on the five different microscope types, application for each microscope, and also just who might use each instrument.

5 Different Types of Microscopes:

  1. Stereo Microscope
  2. Compound Microscope
  3. Inverted Microscope
  4. Metallurgical Microscope
  5. Polarizing Microscope

What is the Function of a Diaphragm in a Microscope?

Iris or diaphragm is the revolving disc found under the stage. Thus, its leading role is to control the amount of light passing through the specimen. Then it is located below the microscope stage and above the condenser lens. An Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm is often found in most high-quality microscopes. So, when used together, they govern the focus and quantity of helpful light to the specimen.

What is the Function of Stage and Stage Clips in a Microscope?

The stage is a flat microscope platform where specimen slides can be placed. A mechanical set is often used when working on a specimen at a higher magnification. It is when delicate movement of the example is required. Therefore, it has knobs to move the slide to the right and left, down and up. Stage clips are operated when no mechanical stage holds the specimen.

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