What is Mucus Foods? – Definition, Types, Uses, and More

Mucus Foods Definition

Mucus Foods is also known as phlegm or sputum, is a sticky substance secreted in our throat.

It can cause us to cough or hawk. Coughing is a normal process that promotes phlegm creation to clear the airways.

But it is also phlegm that can cause us to cough. It works as a protective-lubricating process of the body, which reacts to certain stimuli.

Mucus is a viscous secretion that lines the membranes of the body and contains antiseptic enzymes and immunoglobulins.

And In the respiratory system, Mucus is responsible for trapping small particles, such as bacteria and dust, which try to enter the rest of the body through the nose.

What are the Types of Mucus?

What are the Types of Mucus?

  • Most the processed foods contain additives that promote mucus secretion. They also occur.

1. Allergies

  • Allergies are a common cause of coughs and Mucus that few suspect. Hundreds of foods can react to the throat as it passes through the digestive system, increasing mucus production.
  • If we suspect a chronic cough after eating, we recommend visiting your doctor to look for possible allergens.

2. Dairy

  • Milk is famous for its ability to thicken Mucus and its high rate of allergy to the body, irritating the throat and cough.

3. Fruits and Vegetables

  • They also increase phlegm production, including bananas, cabbage, potatoes, and corn.

4. Alcohol and Tobacco

  • We cannot rule out alcohol and tobacco consumption, which intensely irritates the mucous membranes producing phlegm and damage to the cellular structure, causing chronic coughs and Mucus.
  • Because of this, it is better to limit alcohol and tobacco consumption. Try alcohol-free alternatives like the brand in these HOPWTR reviews to curb drinking and or nicotine replacement therapy to quit smoking.

What is the Usefulness of Mucus?

  • Through our throat, the way of food produces a mucosal secretion to allow the smooth course of food and avoid injury to the mucosa.
  • It is normal to feel scratchy minutes after you have finished meals, which should subside moments later.

Which Foods that we can Consume to Reduce Mucus?


1. Warm Liquids and Soups

  • The warm can loosen the Mucus for its better expulsion. In addition to the consumption of liquids, it makes them less dense and irritates the throat less.

2. Fruits and Vegetables

  • Fruits and vegetables (which do not have as much starch as those already mentioned) serve us more than anything for their outstanding nutritional contribution.
  • They give us nutrients and antioxidants that strengthen our immune system to be more resistant to allergies and diseases like flu and cough.

3. Cereals

  • They are known for their outstanding nutritional contribution, and in addition to being natural, their fibrous content drags the phlegm to keep mucous membranes clean.

4. Fish

  • Its high content of zinc and omega-three has proven to be an effective anti-inflammatory that can help you control the mucous membranes’ irritation.

5. Wheat

  • Wheat is one of the foods that affect the excessive production of Mucus. Although the components that cause this problem are unknown, some studies suggest that it has to do with gluten.
  • In any case, limiting it from the diet in case of colds and flu can help relieve congestion.

6. Walnuts and Peanuts

  • Nuts can increase Mucus and phlegm production in those with intolerances or allergies explained in this Journal of Asthma and Allergy publication. The same can happen with other types of food intolerances.

7. Drinks that Lead to Dehydration

  • When we have a respiratory infection, it is vital to increase water consumption and hydrate meals to deal with it.
  • Some people might find that drinking soda or soda is a good option for hydrating the body.
  • However, soft drinks contain high amounts of sugars and other components that only dehydrate the body. And, in turn, results in difficulties in expelling excess Mucus.

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