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Online Guide: Rotate and Convert Your PDF with PDFBear

If you are unfamiliar with PDF Bear and are unsure how this online tool may help you, don’t worry, you have arrived at the correct place. You can do everything with PDF Bear, including modifying a PDF file, and we all know that a PDF file is the most important. However, with the aid of PDF Bear, it becomes much easier to edit and manage a PDF file.

If you’re looking for the best online tool to assist you with rotating or converting your PDF, PDF Bear is the way to go. We are sure that anything you do here will produce the same results as the original copy, including the template, format, font, and many other elements. Today, we will go through a guide on how PDF Bear can assist you with rotating and converting your PDF file. But first, let’s define PDF Bear. That is to say; modern document management software is a cloud-based automated solution for creating, organizing, sharing, and securing business documents and files. It enables you to track your document version without any hassle.

What is PDFBear?

PDFBear is a platform that provides a range of online tools. By far, one of the most useful tools accessible on the internet is PDFBear. Would you want to know why? It is an online PDF tool that allows you to edit, compress, and merge your file as well as rotate PDF. PDFBear is not like other web-based PDF converters online.

When you utilize PDFBear and its editing and converting capabilities, you can anticipate a well-rounded, easy, and accurate experience. Adoption of solutions like these is unsurprising given the business world’s efforts to go paperless. It can increase the visual appeal and presentation of your document.

How to Rotate PDF?

You can effortlessly rotate your PDF using PDFBear. All you have to do is follow these easy instructions. The first thing you need to do is go to PDFBear and select the Rotate PDF tool. Once you’ve arrived at the page, upload your PDF file. You have two options when it comes to uploading your PDF. To begin, locate the PDF in your storage and drag it to the box on your screen. The second option is to click the “Select a File” button and navigate to the PDF to which you wish to add page numbers.

You will only need to wait a few seconds after uploading the PDF. You will notice an option to rotate your PDF to the left or right. After you’ve decided and edited your PDF, all you have to do is click the “Apply Changes” button. When you finish, you may download or distribute the PDFs. By clicking the download button, you may get the PDF. You may also share it with your friends by copying the link or sending it to them through email, both of which are available on the screen. Isn’t it straightforward? You finished your task by simply selecting options and waiting.

Here are some of PDFBear’s Conversion Tools

Here are some of PDFBear's Conversion Tools

PDF to Excel

PDFBear can help users simply and correctly extract data from PDF files into Excel. The tables, formulae, and other data in the PDF will appear in the freshly created spreadsheet. PDFBear has worked with Solid Documents, which provides the best PDF to Excel conversions to provide its clients with exceptional service.


You may also convert PDF to PPT with PDFBear. It might be challenging, and there aren’t many tools accessible to help you convert your PDF to PPT. PDFBear has managed to give its clients a solution that preserves the quality and integrity of their files. The converted PowerPoint file will be in its original format, which you will be able to modify or change afterward.


PDF/A is an ISO-standardized PDF version designed for archiving and preserving digital documents. If you wish to extend the life of a PDF, convert it from PDF to PDF/A. PDF and PDF/A vary in that they prohibit aspects that are harmful to the preservation process, such as font linking and encryption. It only takes four simple actions to convert a PDF to a PDF/A with PDFBear.


Converting PDF to PNG is straightforward with the PDF to PNG conversion tool, which is accessible at any time and from any location. Simply drag and drop the file into the converting area. You may modify the image in photoshop or any other editing application after converting it to PNG format. Your files, regardless of what you upload to PDFBear, will remain secure. You do not need to be concerned about the security of your data because PDFBear will keep it safe.


When a user’s device lacks a PDF browser or PDF reader, they prefer to convert PDF files to JPG files. Using the PDFBear PDF to JPG Converter, you may convert your documents to JPG/JPEG files with ease. Their servers will delete your original PDF file within an hour after uploading and converting it to JPG for user security.


It is tough to use an online tool if you are unfamiliar with it. However, with the assistance of PDF Bear, you will be able to do this challenging work quickly and easily. Rotating and converting PDFs might be difficult to edit, but as previously said, PDF Bear provides a user-friendly environment. It is simple to do so with a few clicks and depending on your internet connection. You will be able to accomplish your work quickly.

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