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A smart TV is television that include an internal processor and onboard storage and enables internet connectivity, similar to a smartphone or personal computer. The TV uses either an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection to connect the internet. Some TVs support both. A smart TV also hosts an app that can stream audio and video content, making it possible to support a wide range of services. It also support the use of peripheral device for networking with TV and apps.

Like a traditional or dumb TV, smart TV can display content from cable or satellite signals and receive over-the-air transmissions. Unlike a dumb TV, however, smart TV also comes with preloaded operating system (OS) and provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for interacting with environment and working with apps.

Data Collected Smart TVs Information

The data collected by smart TVs depend on their manufacturer, brand, and version. Theoretically, most smart TVs can collect audio, video and TV usage data, say Toby Lewis, and  global head of threat analysis cybersecurity company Dark Trace.

Voice activation is one feature with potential to gather extensive data. Microphone and software listen for instructions and capture conversations and sounds within range. These recordings might be sent to third party to be analyzed.

Cross-device tracking another issue to consider. According to Fielding, data collected via smart TV is more valuable when combine with information from other smart device such as mobile phones, laptops, and home automation gear. “This allows individual profile in detail: geo-location history, web browsing activity and social media information be added to TV data.”

Protect from Smart TV Spying

As long as they connected to internet, the smart TV will collect data and you can’t stop this from happening altogether. In many instance it’s not in interest to do so as it will affect viewing experience – take Netflix’s useful recommendation features as an example.

Yet there are some basic measures to protect yourself from smart TV spying. Turn off ACR in setting, inactivate personalization, opt out of all advertising feature and cover or turn off cameras and microphone.

Protecting your router by changing password and setting up guest network is also essential. So, you can improve security by opting out of web tracking when offered and applying software updates as soon as they’re available.

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