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Top 10 VR and AR Educational Apps for Children 

VR and AR Educational Apps for Children/Modern technologies are everywhere. They are used for entertainment and creating browser games and slots for National Casino online Deutschland. But VR and AR Educational Apps for Children are helpful for education. And these are the best AR and VR apps that will help them learn more about space, draw, and even visit Ancient Rome.

Star Walk 2

It’s a perfect app for little astronomers. With this interactive star map, your child can observe constellations, planets, satellites, comets, and other space objects in real-time.

If you enter the name of an object into the search, you will find out where it is now. And the Time Machine feature will show you how space bodies move through space. There are also interesting facts about space in the app.

Big Bang AR

This app will also take you into space. And you will learn about the past, the time of the Big Bang. The app is interactive, where you can take a closer look at individual objects and take selfies against the stars.

With this app, actress Tilda Swinton talks about the origin of the universe. You need a smartphone or tablet with AR Kit and AR Core technology in order for the app to work properly. Remember to fully charge your device before launching it because it will run down quickly.

BBC Civilizations AR

The app will replace visits to museums. You can use it to bring a mummy sarcophagus, ancient sculptures, and much more directly into your room.

Examine all these artifacts in their modern state or use the special function to find out what they were like hundreds of years ago. Another feature will help you translate ancient Egyptian writing on the Rosetta Stone.

Titans of Space

Another hot topic is outer space. What is the use of looking at the planets of the solar system on the pages of encyclopedias, if they remain glowing dots in the sky? It’s quite another matter to go on a tour, where each of the cosmic bodies is reduced a million times. How about spinning a 12.7-meter-diameter globe around its axis and seeing it from all sides? Or read detailed information about each planet? The creators assure you that you haven’t touched the space this close.

Sketch AR

The app will appeal to children who are not good at drawing. They can get their hands on this app with virtual sketches: it projects an image on paper, and the child has to trace the outline of the image.

Sketch AR has courses with step-by-step instructions for drawing animals, cartoons, and anime characters.

Or you can turn your own photo into a sketch and quickly draw a self-portrait. The app also has educational games. In one of them, you children have to find paired colors.

Color Quest AR

This is a coloring book with funny characters in the form of different fruits, vegetables, and internal organs.

When the child finishes coloring, the app will give out an interesting fact about health and this character, and the character himself will appear in front of the child thanks to augmented reality and dance. The child can dance along with him, and you can save a recording of their performance.

The Apollo 11 VR Experience

The creators of this app say they do not want children to learn about important moments in history simply by reading a textbook. That’s why they took NASA’s audio and video archives and tried to recreate the events of 1969, namely the moment when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. In this way, everyone can feel themselves in the place of the famous astronaut. 


The app lets you learn everything about the development of frogs. You will see how they grow day by day and understand how their body structure differs at each stage of development. The body structure can be seen in great detail.

In this app, you can also dissect a frog, but no living creature will be harmed. But the child will learn the frog’s organs and their functions.


These guys proposed their own version of using technology in education. They developed glasses for schoolchildren that function like 3D. Everyone who is wearing the glasses can see the image. Using an interactive pen, kids can manipulate a model of a molecular lattice or examine the human body step by step. The system was tested at Lee High School and aroused great enthusiasm on the part of schoolchildren. 

Colosseum VR and AR Educational Apps

The creators of this app invite everyone to travel to ancient Rome to see the Colosseum and the center of gladiatorial fights with their own eyes. Besides, you can visit the Palatine Hill or the Temple of Venus, explore the Arch of Constantine or the Colossus of Nero. Of course, the graphics are still far from perfect, but this immersion in history will not leave any child indifferent.

they took NASA’s audio and video archives and tried to recreate the events of 1969, namely the moment when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. In this way, everyone can feel themselves in the place of the famous astronaut.

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