Washing Machine Cleaner Write For Us, Contribute, and Submit Guest Post

Washing Machine Cleaner Write For Us

Washing Machine Cleaner Write For Us

Set washer to cleaning setting or hottest and most significant and setting you have. As washer fills with water, add 3 or 4 cups of white vinegar. Let washer start to stir, then stop the cycle. Allow vinegar to soak minute.

How to Clean Outside of Washing Machine?

The Best Way to Clean Washing Machine. When it comes to how to clean washing machine, it’s important to remember to clean inside and outside of this often-used appliance. Follow these tips to keep washer’s exterior sparkling:

  • Remove the control knobs if they come off, and wash them in sink.
  • Wipe down the exterior of washing machine with microfiber cloth and an all-purpose cleaner.
  • If you have someone to help you, move machine away from the wall to vacuum behind it. Some washer have wheels on back. Try tipping the front of machine so that the final wheels contact ground.
  • Inspect the rubber water supply if any crack there. If you see any damage, replace them to avoid water leak and also subsequent damage.

How to Clean Inside of Washing Machine?

Learning how to clean washing machine is easier than you might expect. Keep these tips in mind as you lead this important task:

  • Remove any part you can take to sink to clean, such as soap tray.
  • Use cloth, toothbrush, and white vinegar to scrub the crack inside machine.
  • Clean the smaller part too. If you cannot remove soap tray, fill it with vinegar and allow to soak while clean other area of machine. If front-loading washing machine has rubber ring, use cloth with vinegar to wipe it clean.
  • Some washing machine have trap to catch hair and debris. Look for it in vertical protester on top-loading machines, then clean it with vinegar. Consult owner’s manual if you’re not sure where it is or if machine has one.
  • Some front-loading washer may have small door that catches coin, button, and debris. Look for any door that may provide access to this area for cleaning. Not all washers are equipped with this feature.

How to Clean Your Washing Machine Filter

Learning how to clean washing machine filter can remain better results and cleaner clothes. To get started, locate the filter. It’s often in the center campaigner or the drum’s top lip. If not, check behind trap door on machine’s external, by water pump, or at end of drainage pipe. Then use cleaning cloth to wipe down filter and it housing. A flashlight may come in handy for identifying buildup.

If you notice any buildup on filter, try soaking it in bowl, basin, or bucket hot water and one tablespoon of laundry detergent. After 10 minute or so, take soft-bristle toothbrush to filter and gently scrub. Then replace filter and run a quick wash cycle. Clean filter whenever you notice buildup of lint or dirt deposit on clothing.

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