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Wireless Microphone Write for Us

Wireless Microphone Write for Us

Microphone wireless system turn audio signal capture by microphone into radio signal. Then the wireless mic receiver capture the signal transfer from transmitter through the air and returns it to audio. It allows the target sound to be transmitted wirelessly.

What is the Microphone Level?

A mic-level or microphone-level signal typically describes voltage the microphone generates when it picks up sound. This voltage vary in response to change in sound level and distance.

What is Wireless Microphone for Phone?

A wireless microphone for mobile is device that allow to capture audio without security It can use with smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device to record audio in various settings.

What is a Microphone Input or Output?

Microphones are audio input devices that capture sound waves and convert them into electrical signals. They used in variety of application such as voice recording, live performance, video production, and more. Microphone are  essential input device for any audio setup.

Main Components of Wireless Microphone

A wireless mic system consists of three main components that operate together as low power, individual radio stations.

1. Microphone

Though the first wireless mic systems design with handheld mics, nearly all fitness instructor prefer hands-free freedom headset mic allow. The mic connects to transmitter.

2. Transmitter

Wireless mic system use for fitness originally all used body pack transmitter. The headset mic connect to bodypack transmitter via short cable. In the early 2000s, Samson Technologies design first “transmitter on headset” wireless mic, the Airline 77. Both type of transmitters – body pack and transmitter-on-headset are widely used for group exercise instruction today and are available from many manufacturers.

3. Receiver

Receive the radio transmission from transmitter and convert it back to an audio signal so sound system can improve it. The receiver typically located in good design or near enough to connect short audio cable.

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