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What are the Types of Journal Articles? – 5 Types of Journal Articles

Journal Articles its helpful to family arise ourselves with the different types of articles published by journals

1. Original Research

  • Journal articles most of the common types of journal manuscripts use to publish complete reports of data from research. It’s called the original article, research article, research, and just article. Also, it depends on the journal.
  • And also, the original research format is suitable for many different fields and different types of studies. And Its includes complete Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion sections.

2. Short Reports and Letters

  • Its papers communicate brief reports of the original research data that editors believe is interesting to many researchers.
  • And it’s likely to stimulate further research in the field. As they were relatively short, the format and helpful for scientists with time-sensitive results.
  • And example, individuals in highly competitive and quickly change in disciplines. And the format often takes strict length limits.
  • Some new details did not publish till the authors write the full Original research manuscript. It papers also sometimes called Brief communications.

3. Review Articles

  • The review articles provide a complete summary of research on the particular topic and a perspective on the field’s state and heading.
    And leaders often write them in a particular discipline after an invitation from the editors of the journal.
  • And reviews are often widely read (for example, by researchers looking for a complete introduction to the field) and highly cited. Also, studies commonly cite approximately 100 primary research articles.

4. Case Studies

  • These articles report specific instances of the exciting phenomena. In this case, studies aim to make other researchers conscious of the possibility that one particular phenomenon might occur.
  • And its type of study is often used in medicine to report previously unknown or emerging pathologies.

5. Methodologies and Methods

  • Firstly, these articles present the new experimental method, test, and procedure. The technique describes we may either be unique.
  • Secondly, and it offers a better version of an existing process.
  • Lastly, the article must describe the demonstrable advance on what is currently available.

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